Coachmen Prism Class C Motorhomes vs. Competitors

Coachmen Prism class C motorhomes are ready to fulfill all of your long-distance travel and camping needs, everywhere from Grand Junction CO to the rest of the country, and at a significantly lower price than competitors from other brands. The great thing about class C motorhomes like the Prism is that they have the size to hold around seven passengers and a lot of cargo but are easier to park and drive than larger class A motorhomes. And the Prism's diesel sprinter Mercedes-Benz chassis makes for some fine craftsmanship and a sturdy drive, keeping your passengers safe inside.

So what sets Coachmen Prism motorhomes apart from the others in the vehicle class, besides its diesel sprinter Mercedes-Benz chassis? We'll cover all of its features, both interior and exterior, and which can be yours for $10,000 to $20,000 less than the competition in the class C motorhome class.

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Exterior Features of the Coachmen Prism

Coachmen Prism Competition
20.2 Size of Propane Tank (gallons) 13
Up to 50 Fresh Water Storage (gallons) 31 or 32
2 inches Thickness of Sidewall 1.5 inches
TV/DVD with stereo system Exterior Entertainment Options Speakers only
12 years Warranty Length for Crowned Roof 10 years
Up to 88 Exterior Storage Space (cubic feet) 39.7 to 48

Lighten you Adventure

     The use of Azdel Composite Panels is Coachmen Exclusive which replaces the wood in RV sidewalls.  Azdel Composite Panels are constructed using a blend of polypropylene and fiberglass to create an extremely strong and lightwieght wall.  The use of Azdel can help you avoid costly water damage for it will not rot, mold, and delaminate like wood sidewalls.  Azdel sidewalls are also 50% lighter than wood and provide 3X more insulation value over wood sidewalls.  You can a enjoy more peaceful nights and reduce windnoise while traveling for Azdel has better sound and energy absorbtion making for a quieter RV and with the supeior strength Azdel is more impact and puncture resistant to help prevent damage to your RV.     


Interior Features of the Coachmen Prism

The interior of a Coachmen Prism is not only spacious and plush, but it is superior to the competition's, and at a much lower price.

What you'll find in a Prism:

    • Two tone ultra-leather wrapped seats. This is more breathable than standard leather.
    • Largest overhead bunk in class C. You'll have more options for passengers to sleep in your Prism with a bunk that holds up to 350 pounds.
    • Child safety net with the overhead bunk. This will keep the kids or other passengers who are sleeping overhead safe.
    • AM/FM/CD radio with built-in backup camera. The backup camera makes parking easier than ever.
    • Smart Design bathroom. Comes with a shower and plenty of storage room.
    • Even-Cool AC. This will keep your air conditioner running smoothly and reduce mold and mildew that might build up from roof condensation.
    • 12 volt LCD TV. With the Coachmen you have Dual Coach batteries with a solar charging port, so you won't need to always use the generator to run the TV and keep passengers entertained.
    • Three-way euro style refrigerator. Looks nice and runs from the 12V power in your Prism so the generator isn't required at all times.
    • Child car seat tether. This family-friendly feature keeps the kids safe with child safety anchor points for the seats.
    • Congoleum Designer Care-Free Flooring. You get a five-year material warranty and three years covered against cold cracking.
    • American Stonecast high-pressure foam core counters with composite sink. This high-quality counter is guaranteed waterproof for life, and the composite sink is rated to 500 degrees fahrenheit.

The Coachmen Prism Beats the Competition – Find it at Carville's Auto Mart

When you consider how superior the Coachmen Prism to its competition, and at an asking price that is between $10,000 and $20,000 less than competitors, it's an easy choice to make if you're looking for a vehicle that is high-end, comfortable, spacious and ready to handle any situation that the open road throws at you.

You can find the Coachmen Prism at Carville's Auto Mart, located at 2507 Highway 6 and 50 in Grand Junction, CO. We serve the neighboring area which includes Delta, Rifle and Aspen, among others.

We are always looking to take trade-in vehicles or purchase vehicles from you, and we are looking to buy most vehicle types, including sedans, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs/UTVs, watercraft, motorhomes, and more. So come on over to Carville's Auto Mart to see our wide selection of vehicles and to meet our friendly staff.

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