Air Filter Replacement in Grand Junction, CO

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A vehicle runs smoothly if the air filter is in perfect condition. Clogged air filters invite problems that might affect the car's performance; therefore, they must be clean to maintain the right performance. It carries much importance, so if you forget to replace the air filters, you might notice a loss of power, dirty smoke, an oil light, or even engine failure. It is best to get it checked and replaced if needed by expert mechanics available at Carville's Auto Mart in Grand Junction, CO.

Why are Car Air Filters Important?

There are several advantages associated with an air filter in your vehicle. We have listed a few of them for your understanding to increase the efficiency of your vehicle.

Better Fuel Efficiency: A good-condition air filter will instantly increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency. A clogged air filter directly affects the engine resulting in more fuel usage. On changing the air filter, you will notice acceleration and fuel economy improvements based on your car model.

Improved Engine Life: A tiny grain of dust can heavily damage the internal engine parts. It can affect the cylinders and pistons in the engine system. The best way forward is to regularly check your air filter and replace it, as changing an air filter is a lot cheaper than replacing an engine.

Reduces Emission: A faulty air filter can affect your air-fuel balance, and such an imbalance can pollute and damage the spark plugs, killing your vehicle's engine. This can affect the car's exhaust emission, affecting the environment. Getting the air filter changed can help in reducing the level of emissions.

When to Get the Engine Filter Changed?

The suggested time to change the air filter is two years. However, this depends on several factors, such as car usage, air condition, car model, etc. We suggest you check the owner's manual and keep an eye on any difference in fuel consumption or other signs of clogged air filters.

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