Carville’s Auto Mart Wheel of Fortune Giveaway

Play to win $5000 cash in the Carville’s Auto Mart Wheel of Fortune game. Starting November 26th thru December 21st a new letter will be added to the display sign at Carville’s Auto Mart’s 6 and 50 location. These 39 letters will spell out a holiday phrase. Guess the phrase and drop your entry by either Carville’s location before December 20th. Guessing the phrase by Dec 6th triples your odds of winning by December 13 doubles your odds. On December 21st at 4:00pm a drawing will be held at Carville’s Auto Mart with the winner receiving $5000 cash prize with $2500 cash for your holiday shopping and $2500 cash to one or more local charities of your choice, given in your name. No purchase is necessary and you need not be present to win. Have some fun, win some holiday cash and help a local charity.

The winners Kyle and Katy Basinger who guessed the phrase “SANTA SAYS THE GREATEST HOLIDAY GIFT IS GIVING” chose to donate the $2500 to local charities KidsAid Backpack Program and Wounded Warriors.


Katy Basinger, “Thanks Carvilles!! We will bless others by giving some, saving some and spending some… ! We are still in shock!! We are grateful to be a blessing to KidsAid backpack program and Wounded Warriors. Thanks again Carvilles!!!”