A Grand Day in The Grand Valley


"We've had a blast working with Vitality Films to capture all of the amazing outdoor recreation you can experience in just one day in Colorado's Grand Valley." - Grand Junction Economic Partnership



From the Grand Mesa and Powderhorn Resort, through the canyons and the orchards in Palisade, Grand Junction’s lakes, rivers and deserts, Fruita and the Kokopelli Trails, this film highlights some of the best outdoor activities the Grand Valley has to offer all in one day.  Carville’s Auto Mart and Carville’s Customs was there the whole way during the exhausting 16-hour filming providing transportation and athlete talent to help this film in its support for the Grand Junction Economic Partnership promoting growth in our community.

Colorado’s Grand Valley provides easy access to a plethora of natural resources, stunning outdoor amenities, a low cost of living, connected community and homegrown talent pool making up just some of the reasons that so many businesses come here and thrive. The Grand Valley offers big-city opportunities with a small-town character, and the Grand Junction Economic Partnership helps our companies grow here in the Grand Valley.

The film a Grand Day working with the Grand Junction Economic Partnership was all shot in just one day takes one man's series of adventures through the Grand Valleys outdoor playground.  The film features outdoor sports including snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, dirt biking, mountain biking, jet boating, wake boarding, paddle boarding, jet skiing and surfing all activities one can enjoy in the Grand Valley making another reason why the #westslopebestslope. 


"Our Hometown!! We are so lucky were we live." - Stacy Cook

"This is why I LOVE living in Western Colorado." - Kodi Imondi

"You have to watch this awesome video of some of the many things you can do in Grand Junction,... ALL IN ONE DAY!!" - Bob Scott RV

"Check out this AWESOME video." - Lisa Prather



Check out Vitality Films "The Grand Day" and explore behind the scenes on Grand Junction Economic Partnership website!!


"Incredible transportation support from Carville's Auto Mart. Also glad to have Darin Carville's expertise in snowboarding, dirt biking, jet boating and wake boarding. Thanks for all the help!" - Vitality Films


"Couldn't have done this without Darin Carville and the awesome peeps at Carville's Auto Mart" - Grand Junction Ecomoic Partnership


"Thanks Carvilles Auto Mart, one of the many incredible businesses to help make ‪#‎GrandDayCO‬ a reality!" - Grand Junction Economic Partnership


"Thanks for being a general badass, Darin Carville, and helping to make this ‪#‎GrandDayCO‬ possible!" - Randy Miller Vitality Films



Carville's Grand Day Commercial