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“The customer knows best” is an old phrase, and as many other dealerships have abandoned it, we still find that it rings true. Our customers really do know best, and we have grown from the feedback and reviews that they have provided us. Now you can take a look through these testimonials for yourself. If you like what they have to say about us, then you should come to Carville's Auto Mart. You just might have an experience so great that you feel compelled to write about it yourself. We always appreciate any time that our customers spend providing us with the quality feedback that will help us grow and help our customers find us.

Carville's Auto Mart is committed to excellence – but we are also always looking for ways to improve. Let us know how well we hit our mark of perfection by rating us below. We appreciate you taking the time!

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cekennett 23 Jan 2020
I just bought a car here, and I love it. Steve got me in the door by following up my original info request with an email detailing all the vehicles they had in my price range/size/year. Unfortunately, Steve didn’t get to be my salesman due to a health reason, but the sale got completed noneth...eless. Thanks! Show more
4 rate
Ron 22 Jan 2020
Everyone there did everything they could to help me, it was so nice!
5 rate
Tracy 22 Jan 2020
I loved the way I was treated and I will definitely purchse from ya'll again!! Thank so much!
5 rate
Jamil 20 Jan 2020
Amazing experience at Carville's Auto Mart. I cam in seraching for a pickup truck as a disabled combat vet for my abilities and was honored to have been served by salesman Steve Snyder as he battled for nothing less than perfect satisfaction. Thank you Steve and all parties involved. God Bless.
5 rate
Barbara 13 Jan 2020
Lorri is great to work with!
5 rate
Kevin 02 Jan 2020
We needed a vehicle for our return to the States. Another dealer failed to listen to our needs so we decided to try Carville's. Great experience!
5 rate
Fredie 01 Jan 2020
Polite, very fast and trustworthy! I'll be back for another vehicle and I only want Steve as my salesman.
5 rate
DK 26 Dec 2019
Went in and talked to Steve Snyder. Carvilles has the truck I wanted, and gave me a good price on my trade in. Steve is extremely easy to work with, without any run around or hassle. Will continue to do business with him/them.
5 rate
Kortni 17 Dec 2019
Lorri was very helpful and attentive. Thank you!
5 rate
Trever 03 Dec 2019
Great customer service, great friend. Thank you for your help.
5 rate
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