My Name is RAM...

 Carville's Auto Mart,"Driven by Passion and Stopped by Nothing," makes a debut appearance during the World Series in The Release of the all New Ram Trucks 


The 2009 Dodge Ram national campaign " My Name is RAM and My Tank is Full," which first aired after the 7th inning in game 6 of 2009 World Series featured a 2003 Dodge Ram crawling over a boulder on the Colorado National Monument wearing the bright red Carville's Auto Mart plate on the front bumper. The ad ran 190 times on its debut night on primetime alone. Chrysler created the ad to make the seperation of the Ram Trucks from the Dodge Brand. Chrysler who working with its new marketing partner Reynolds had the idea of a one minute commercial with a series of still shots that would be called, "Manifesto."  The spot was produced by the Richards Group of Dallas Texas who also creates all the Bridgestone Tire ads, and it is believed that Stan Richards himself did the voice over for this commercial. Check out the full commercial below and watch for the Carville's Auto Mart Dodge Ram make its appearance 8 seconds in...."driven by passion and stopped by nothing." 

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