What are the best hiking trails on the Western Slope?

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Long view of rock formation at sunset in late afternoon

Best hiking trails in Grand Junction CO  

At this point, it should go without saying, but if you’re looking to become closer with nature than ever before, one of the best methods of doing so is by lacing up your best athletic shoes, strapping on your backpack and going hiking! There’s no shortage of beautiful, picturesque scenery here on the Western Slope of Colorado, and now that the weather is warmer it’s always a great time to throw on that Fitbit and head out for the open path. Our Carville’s Auto Mart team has compiled a list of six of the best hiking trails in Grand Junction CO, so grab your friends and family and have fun! 

Coke Ovens Trail 

Located right on the Colorado National Monument Trailhead, Coke Ovens Trail will no doubt provide you with one of the coolest and most breathtaking views you’ll ever see. We’ve included a view of it above, and we promise you, it’s worth the excursion. 

Dinosaur Hiking Trails 

In recent years, the paleontology division of the Museums of Western Colorado organization has been taking willing participants on guided tours to find real dinosaur bones. If you’re a history buff or just want to get closer to the oldest residents of Earth, this is something you can’t afford to miss! 

Corn Lake Trail 

The Colorado Riverfront Trail System is one of the largest in our area, and with hiking, biking and horseback availability, Corn Lake is certainly a favorite. The water views and marshy lands are awe-inspiring, and we highly recommend a visit!



East Creek Trail 

Situated on the Gunnison River is East Creek Trail, a 2.6-mile loop through amazing rock formations, creeks and waterfalls to boot. It’s been touted as one of the most beautiful scenes in our area, a claim that we can vouch for.  

Rattlesnake Arches Loop 

Deep within the Colorado National Monument Park lays Rattle Snake Canyon, a 15.5-mile pass through the highest concentration of arches in the United States. The gorgeous views (and the possibility of seeing a bighorn sheep) make for an afternoon well spent, but make sure to bring food and water along!

Twist-N-Shout Loop 

Orchard Mesa is home to the appropriately-named Twist-N-Shout Loop, which was designed as a bike trail but is also appropriate for those who prefer their adventures on foot. With only 4.4 miles involved, it’s great for a brisk excursion!


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